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An extensive initiative to modernize the legacy system at the Taxi & Limousine Commission, began during 2018. Working with the Director of Analytics, IT Chief and Director of Technology at Taxi & Limousine Commission, we were tasked to deliver a comprehensive strategy for the first phase of the modernization process. The solution needed to enhance the vision for a new modernized legacy system for the agency that would incorporate existing data, initial requirements, and outlined a roadmap before the IT request for proposal was sent to be published in 2021. 
A secondary internal team goal for this initiative was to increase exposure of human centered design and implement user experience methods with units and high profile agency leads, so that we continue to demonstrate value of design in a government agency. 
Given the confidential information obtained in the course of this City project, I can not disclose all aspects of the work. Please, reach out if you have any questions. 
Led Research-question­–generation workshops, problem-framing workshops, visioning workshops with multiple stakeholders across the agency.
Communicated the user experience at various stages of the design process by developing wireframes, flow diagrams, storyboards, mockups, and/or high fidelity prototypes. 
Implemented testing of prototypes with licensees and staff through multiple iterations of A/B testing, task based user flow analysis, intercept interviews using paper prototyping, and remote user interviews. 
Advocated for the prioritization of design centered changes driven by user interviews for variation of stakeholders. Co-developed personas with team, conducted co-design collaboration session with subject matter experts and target audience.
Managed refinements and improvements of user flows, requirements, and user stories in Azure DevOps.
Created and managed wireframes for onboarding, sign in, and account management user experiences for the new legacy system that went to inform the digital prototypes using Figma and Miro.
Collaborated with the design team, key business stakeholders, and Business analyst to present concepts, proposals, and updates to executive stakeholders.

Initial experience sketch
Initial experience sketch
Mid Fidelity wireframe
Mid Fidelity wireframe
Sample of user design research sessions
Sample of user design research sessions
Sample of user design research sessions
Sample of user design research sessions
Low and high fidelity wireframes, prototypes, user flows for onboarding, sign in, affiliating licenses, and payments which were the primary focus of RFP first phase.  
Staff and user feedback packaged in design research document and presentation to senior management advocating for language accessibility, complexity of licensees user needs, and prioritized list of user functionalities based on user research.
Strategic design proposal, work and requirement sessions to steer IT roadmap of future and current requirements to user needs.
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