I’m Miguel, a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on food and experience design. 
Pillars that support my work:
Curiosity: I apply this to every aspect of my life, but when it comes to design research I use this drive to look for hidden needs, problems, and behaviors using human centered methodologies. 
Patience: I believe that we must be active listeners to others’ points of view. This requires patience to discern what is valuable and true to an individual. I in turn use my design skills in prototyping, and sketching to visualize customer needs to business owners.
Facilitation: This pillar emerged in practicing product management, and product development, as well as managing teams over my career at Whole Foods Market. I became a leader that mediated my teammates' concerns, and turned them to growth opportunities. In design I use this skill to facilitate workshops, interviews, and user testing methodologies to incorporate what the customer needs and business values. 
Collaboration: In a team I really enjoy working with others, learning about their personal and professional realms, while keeping focus on our business values. For my design practice I’m transparent in my working style, very open to constructive criticism, and thoughtful in giving it with permission. When designing I enjoy developing and hosting collaborative design sessions, and do my absolute best to advocate customer core needs.