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Licensee portal
Help guide Arabic sample
Help guide Arabic sample
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Help guide in Korean
The NYC Local Law 30 required government agencies to comply by providing their licensees with language assistance in the top 10 languages. This affected the Taxi & Limousine Commission, which was required to provide licensees with clear and accessible language assistance when applying and maintaining their license(s). We were tasked by the External Affairs Director and Language Access specialist to design a solution that would comply with Local Law 30, without taking up limited IT resources, and meet the needs for a culturally diverse, low tech savvy, and multilingual population.
Given the confidential information obtained in the course of this City project, I can not disclose all aspects of the work. Please, reach out if you have any questions. 
Led Human Centered activities to discover, and define problem spaces for the Language Access project, leading to an applied solution that met NYC Local Law 30. 
Facilitated and developed Kickoff workshops, Research-question­–generation workshops, Problem-framing workshops.
Completed Stakeholder interviews, user interviews, paper prototypes, requirement gathering/writing, user scenarios/flows, prioritization workshops.
Develop initial product management framework for Analytics Licensing team to work with TLC IT and DOITT Agile methodologies.
Led prioritization of product solutions based on stakeholder and business needs in Azure Devops. 
Led development, design, user testing, and implementation of “Help guide” feature addition in licensee portals. By implementing web and Language accessibility research, codesign workshops, task based usability testing of guides, A/B testing.
Developed and conducted user acceptance testing, worked closely with developers at DoITT, TLC IT, Web services to accomplish a successful pre/post-launch of feature. 
User tested Help guides in top 13 languages in platforms used by %90 of the population.
Wireframes, prototypes, and user experience documentation to senior stakeholders.
Compliance by legal due date for multi-divisional and agency projects without relying on extensive IT resources. Setting president in agency for Agile, Human Centered design, and product management techniques.
Link to project outcome: 

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