Comply with NYC Local Law 30 deadline for the Taxi & Limousine Commission 
Deliver accessible help to licensees for maintaining and obtaining license in top 5 languages,
Reduce dependency on limited IT resources 
(NOTE: Given sensitive data not all work can be shown)
Led end-to-end User Experience Design activities to discover, and define problem spaces for the Language Access project, leading to an applied solution that met NYC Local Law 30. 
Went through a full product lifecycle, integrating customer feedback into product requirements, driving prioritization and pre/post-launch execution.
Led development, design, user testing, and implementation of Help guide feature addition in licensee portals.
User tested Help guides in top 13 languages in platforms used by %90 of the population. 
Wireframes, prototypes, and user experience documentation to senior stakeholders
Compliance by legal due date for multi-divisional and agency projects without relying on extensive IT resources. Setting president in agency for Agile and product management techniques
Link to project outcome: 
Licensee portal
Licensee portal
Help guide Arabic sample
Help guide Arabic sample
Help guide in Korean
Help guide in Korean
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