Promote human centered design through small pilots to show value of design in the Taxi & Limousine Commission agency with real results in a short period of time.
 Developed graphic designs, content strategy and other design deliverables such as journey maps, wireframes, service blueprints, mental model maps. 
Owned and prioritized the near-term product roadmap to deliver on business outcomes, quickly identifying points of leverage in complex problems or systems, and utilizing data effectively to define success metrics and measurable outcomes. 
Collaborated with the team to define clear and actionable problem statements to help teams deliver results while displaying a comprehensive understanding of pilots in government settings. 
Exposure to human centered design to entire division, 
Report to senior agency staff highlighting research, metrics, methods, and insights gained
Showcase pilots that staff went to own and integrated into their operations.

Interactive prototype in FIGMA of Lost Vehicle Plate process improvements

Work progress for UX/UI design based on user research

Customer Journey work session with staff
Customer Journey work session with staff
Mental model derived from staff
Mental model derived from staff
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