I was given a empty desk at the beginning of the year (2014), when I entered the MFA: Products of Design program. I decided then to evolve my “modus operandi", and apply my values, emotions, and method at our studios.
I used a set of lenses to find how I could better improve my learning, efficiency, connectivity, and delight. I imagined an ideal version of this system, in order to find out what works great and what works poorly. I made adjustments as I went to foster connection and  reduce any friction that might hinder connectivity. Which generated an original work space, that challenges the status quo of a work desk.
I iterated many prototypes that considered the utility and effect it has on my neighbors and my own space. Which range from making transparent writing boards, thin bookshelf’s, and shelving that forms to the environment. I also took time and care to design for the unseen details, which are specific to my daily interactions with my colleagues and personal objects. 
"I continue to refine the functionality of my work space. I want to be a source inspiration, delight and surprise, at and beyond my studio space." -2014​​​​​​​
I stayed true to this earlier statement and refined my M.O. during my thesis year at SVA Products of Design. We must surround ourself with beauty, create inspirations and opportunites for caring connections with the individuals around us.  -2015
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