During my stay as a fellow of the School of Visual Arts: Ground Floor Incubator I created a social venture to get fresh produce and healthy package free goods to food deserts. This business concept came about because I noticed that over my 12 years of grocery retail business that a lot of food has been wasted, healthy food was not accessible to communities in need, and that the packaging/waste created by grocery stores was not sustainable. 
I decided to focus on solving this problem and take a deep dive into urban food systems, food policies, and socioeconomic barriers. Although I didn’t launch this business the outcome was a fully flushed out business plan, a deep knowledge of food waste and increased support for food sovereignty. 
Implemented diverse qualitative and quantitative design research strategies and methods to identify and develop personas, market need, and user journey of present and future experience. 
Analyzed, and evaluated business impact on underserved neighborhoods, business planning, and  financial projections.
Developed brand design reports and gave pitch presentations to diverse audiences including senior leadership of School of Visual Arts. As well as, pitches to The Brotherhood Sister Sol, and Two Bridges Neighborhood Council for initial partnership opportunities. 
Business plan for Miguel’s Mobile Market which included executive summary, products and services, marketing strategy and analysis, financial planning, and budget.
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