Life is a hierarchy of finite choices, where dichotomy resolution leads to value creation. Most designers influence people’s lives through products. What if you take the products away? What if you simply design lives? These were the questions posed by Ayse Birsel, as she though us her methodology. The goal for the class was to explore the designers’ role in Life Design using Deconstruction:Reconstruction exercises.
The brief was to design a language using modular artifacts/systems that would spell out "I LOVE YOU". 
The importance of this process was to create a personal narrative that allows for expressing of their inner voice, while designing a framework. 
The square translated into a pattern that could exponentially grow to form multiple textile products. This simplicity can also be translated into other materials to form new structures using the same design principles and language. 
The end result for this deconstruction and reconstruction process was a wearable system that can illustrate the possibilities of love and how it could be told in many ways given the individuals willingness to go through this exploratory process.
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