This food experience was a collaboration between food blogger Erin Clarkson and food designer Miguel Olivares, which was an invitation to the public to participate in the consumption of a cake table. The Cake Table is a designed food experience, allowing for playful interactions and shared memories.
Miguel Olivares focused on the experience design of the Cake Table, through storyboarding, sketching, and product development. 
The group of 30-40 individuals were asked to use their hands through out the experience, which led to delightful and sharable events.
The fillings were a mixture of dry and wet ingredients, thoughtfully placed around the cake to encourage further exploration of the Cake Table. The fillings were: lemon curd, strawberry jam, meringue, and crushed salted mixed nuts. The cake trimmings named “Dusties” were given as a take away to reduce food waste and as flavorful topping to shakes, ice cream, etc.
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